Who are The McFam?

We are Iris and Aaron McGilloway, and we are The McFam.

We are Homesteaders and Foodies, learning to raise and grow our own food in the Santa Lucia Mountains of California. We are passionate about the food that we raise, and eat, and one of our greatest joys comes from food that we have grown our raised ourselves and that makes it all the way to our plates.

We are both avid cooks and food is how we share our love with friends and family. We make as much as we can from scratch whenever possible and love teaching others how to make the same delicious food in their own kitchens.  We hope to take you along on our food journey here on our Blog.

Iris is also an artist and creates unique handmade goods, art and small batch skincare at her business the Tassajara Outpost. In her professional business, The Small Business Greenhouse, she helps small businesses grow.


"Ive learned a lot about life as Ive learned about food.  And Ive learned a lot about people too."

Iris and Aaron McGilloway are natives of the Monterey Peninsula, and currently reside in Carmel Valley with their children and a menagerie of animals. Iris is an artist, writer, Mama and small business owner with a passion for raising and growing her own food. Aaron is a brilliant and passionate cook, musician, kid raiser and tender of animals who expresses himself with food. Neither Iris or Aaron grew up in the lifestyle they currently live, however they both feel as though they have finally found that missing piece in life they had been looking for. The “McFam”, as friends have affectionately dubbed them, are passionate advocates for local, sustainable food. Food self sufficiency is a goal that has grown with The McFam as their small farm has grown. What started as a curiosity and desire to have better ingredients for the meals that they make from scratch, has turned into a passion to not only provide the best for their own family, but to be able to provide for their community as well.